How to Visit the Park

Deosai is located approximately 30 km takes abnout 2.5 hours from Skardu city and it is the shortest route to visit Deosai. Most foreigners visit Deosai via Skardu. It takes one hour to reach Deosai top via Sadpara Skardu. From Astore to Chilum Choki is 52Km/3Hrs and here upto Sheosar Lake Deosai is ~20Km/1.5 Hrs. From Sheosar Lake Deosai, the jeep road leads to Skardu and it is ~35Km/3Hrs from Sheosar to Skardu.


Entry points of Deosai

There are two main entry points of Deosai one is on Skardu side know as the Satpara check post and other one is on the Astore side called the chillum choki . The following fees have to paid for entrance into the park.


Locals of Gilgit /Baltistan : PKR 40
Pakistani Nationals : PKR 100
Foreigners : USD 10


The following things are strictly not allowed when in the park.

• Entry into the Park without paying the Entry Fee
• Temporary or permanent residence
• Hunt, kill or capture or intend to hunt, kill or capture any wild animal
• Carry any fire arm, explosive or any other hunting weapon
• Introduce any pet or domestic animal
• Fire, cut, destroy, injure or damage to any tree, grass, bush or other vegetation types
• Cultivate or encroach land
• Pollute or contaminate any water resources in or flowing in to the Park
• Introduce any exotic animal or plant
• Pick any flower or remove any plant, stone or other natural object from the Park
• Write on, cut, carve or otherwise deface any building, monument, notice board, tree, rock or other object, whether natural or otherwise…
• Discard any litter, paper or waste etc.


Camping is allowed in designated places in Deosai. No permission required ,Campers usually have spot near Bara Pani Bridge. However, some also camp at Sheosar Lake. Usually dangerous wildlife (Bears) stay away from the road that passes through Deosai but you as a precaution you can keep pepper spray.


Angling :
Angling is allowed is some specific areas/zones however a license can obtained after paying the required fees.


For International Tourist


Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa allows the citizens of these countries to visit Pakistan for tourism purposes.


Application Type

You can apply for two types of visas online :


First Time (New) : You can apply for a new visa if you do not possess a valid Pakistan visa.


Extension : You can apply for a visa extension if you posses a valid Pakistan visa and you are residing in Pakistan.


Eligibility : Citizens of countries listed are eligible to apply for this visa.


NOTE: You may be eligible to Apply for a Tourist Visa On Arrival, please check your eligibility


Required Documents

  1. Photograph
  2. Passport
  3. Invitation Letter by the sponsor or hotel booking details in case of individual tourist
  4. Invitation Letter in case of group by the tour operator designated by the department of tourist services
  • You are required to upload proof of legal residence,  in case you are not present in your home country and are applying for visa from a third country, it’s a mandatory requirement! The document can be uploaded in the supporting document type: Other
  • In Case of Extension– Please upload proof of Valid Pakistani Visa for which you are seeking Extension and Entry Stamp on your Passport in the supporting document type: Other


Duration and Validity

  • Single/Double Entry for short duration less than 3 months (First Time entry).
  • Duration up to and greater than 6 months (Extension).
  • Citizens from some may be eligible for a Double Entry Tourist Visa.
  • A Tourist Visa can be extended for up to 6 Months or more, subject to approval.
  • US nationals could avail Tourist 5 years multiple entry visa with maximum 3 months stay.


In case of extension, please make sure that you have a valid Pakistani Visa and are residing in Pakistan as well.


Processing Time


Issuance of Visa is the prerogative of the Government of Pakistan.


  • Entry (Up to 3 Months) : 7-10 days (Working Days)
  • Extension (Up to 6 Months) : 7-10 days (Working Days)
  • Extension (Greater than 6 Months) : 4 Weeks (Working days)