Indus snow trout

Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae
Breeding Season: June to August
Habitat: Inhabits usually large deep and rapid flowing rivers, above 2566 m.
Indus snow trout (Ptychobarbus conirotris has elongated body and slightly compressed, both dorsal and ventral profiles equally arched. Mouth horse-shoe shaped; lips thick; lower labial fold very braod, uninterrupted. A pair of small barbels at angles of mouth. Dorsal fin inserted in advance of pelvic fins; last undivided ray soft and articulated. Caudal fin forked. Scales small, well formed and regularly arranged above lateral line, those below lateral line gradually reduced in size towards belly; scales in lateral line 92 to 96. In color, silvery; dorsal side of head and body dark; scales on upper half of body with dark edges and yellowish fins.