About Deosai National Park - DNP

The word Deosai consists of Deo, or Djin, which is the local terminology for spirits and Sai is used for the sitting place, which together mean the “place of spirits”. Deosai served as an important trade route between Kashmir and Gilgit, and in the pre-partition era, it served as an area where most of the tribal conflicts were resolved. Wars were fought in Deosai plains by warriors such as the Dogras, local tribes and the Turks (Khan, 1962). Its geographic location makes it an important territory from strategic point of view, as it is close to the Line of Control (LoC) with India, in the Indian held Kashmir.

The Government of the Gilgit-Baltistan, declared Deosai as National Park on May 14, 1993, spreading over an area of approximately 3626 Sq. Km. According to IUCN protected area categories, Deosai is a category I National Park, for the protection and conservation of endemic species of Himalayan Brown bear.


Deosai National Park was established to protect Brown Bear in its natural habitat and to maintain the ecological balance of the Deosai plateau. At an average height of 13,000 feet above mean sea level, Deosai Plains are amongst the highest Plateaus in the world, which sustain a remnant population of Himalayan Brown bears in South Asia.

Deosai means " The Land of Giants" in local Balti dialect