Tibetan stone Loach

Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Nemacheilidae
Breeding Season: Breeds from May to July.
Habitat: Occurs in springs, shallow streams and side channels of the rivers.
Tibetan stone Loach (Triplophysa stolickai) has elongate and slender body; head and anterior part of body depressed; tail compressed and whip-like, small eyes, mouth lunate and horizontal; lips thick and continuous, strongly papillated. Dorsal fin inserted distinctly nearer to base of caudal fin than to snout-tip. Caudal fin emarginate. In color, dark above and on sides, lighter below; head and body mottled with numerous black spots; black, saddle-shaped bands on back. Dorsal and caudal fins spotted; anterior ray of dorsal fin, and dorsal surface of outer rays of paired fins spotted.