Fee Details

Entry points of Deosai

There are two main entry points of Deosai one is on Skardu side know as the Satpara check post and other one is on the Astore side called the chillum choki. The following fees have to paid for entrance into the park.


Locals of Gilgit /Baltistan : PKR 40
Pakistani Nationals : PKR 100
Foreigners : USD 10


Camping is allowed in designated places in Deosai. No permission required ,Campers usually have spot near Bara Pani Bridge. However, some also camp at Sheosar Lake. Usually dangerous wildlife (Bears) stay away from the road that passes through Deosai but you as a precaution you can keep pepper spray.


Angling :
Angling is allowed is some specific areas/zones however a license can obtained after paying the required fees.